We're a dedicated team of strategists passionate about helping businesses tackle marketing and branding challenges to reach their goals.

Lauren Ashley Naturally Marked CEO

about our founder, Lauren Ashley:

Lauren Ashley is a professional in the marketing space with more than 20 years of experience. Through Naturally Marked Consulting, you can have this level of expertise on your side to get your business off the ground and thriving. Getting started with us is the best decision you can make as we are here to hold your hand along the way! Having someone on your side makes all the difference when it comes to executing ideas. We exist to fulfill that role in pointing you in the direction best fit for you. 

Our areas of Expertise

Marketing and Brand Development, Website Development, SEO Strategy, Metrics and Analysis

Industries we've helped make their mark

Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Law Firms, Non-Profits

Experience in:

Naturally Marked Marketing and Brand Development
Naturally Marked Website Development
Naturally Marked SEO Strategy
Naturally Marked Metrics and Analysis

Meet Our Expert Team

The Naturally Marked team brings a wealth of diverse expertise and experience, dedicated to elevating your business through strategic marketing and innovative solutions.

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Samantha Lawrence-Mata CMO Naturally Marked About Us
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Extending Our Expertise

To ensure we provide the most comprehensive and specialized services, we collaborate with a network of experiences contractors. These trusted professionals bring additional expertise in various fields, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your unique needs and deliver exceptional results. With our extended team, you have access to a wide range of skills and insights, all focused on driving your success. 

How will your goals be accomplished by having a strategy

Having a strategy allows you to accomplish your business goals with ease when the vision is clear. Working together we will create an actionable plan with detailed steps of how to accomplish your key performance indicators. 

Finding gaps in processes and recommending actionable results are our jam. We’re big on motivation, intentionalism, and encouraging others to follow their dreams and use their gifts. We create processes that speak to teams’ skills and abilities.  We’re able to create workflows that are advantageous to organizations overall. 

our Favorite Things

Creative Problem Solving

Smart Tech

Strategic planning

ongoing Learning

Client collab

our core values:

Our objective at Naturally Marked is to help you achieve self sufficiency when it comes to marketing your business. This means that you’ll come in wanting our help and leave not needing it!

what we're not about:

Wasting time or budgets. We value your time, value your goals, value your vision. This is for the visionaries who want to elevate and execute their ideas beyond just the vision. If having an idea is the first step, then having a plan is the next. 

our Goals:

Our goal is to help you craft and carry out that plan, with the result being a formula that you can recreate on your own. One that can be used in your future business marketing ventures. And the best part of all, we’re within reach if you ever need us to be hands on.  

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Virtual VIP DAY

Need immediate assistance like yesterday?

We offer VIP Days, in which, we meet with your team to discuss goals/KPIs and main pain points when it comes to marketing. We will then create and execute your strategies. For example, we can create your content calendar for the following month(s) including any assets such as graphics, captions, scheduling of posts and/or SOPs.

The VIP training covers digital marketing on an intro level, as well as advanced level including: content pillars, customer avatars and mapping, digital strategies for social, listening and engagement, content scheduling, creating branded content, metrics, content messaging.

"Helped us create a digital strategy with high return."


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